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Gove to head homeownership taskforce

The Conservative shadow housing minister Michael Gove is to lead a special taskforce to investigate how to help first-time buyers onto the property ladder through the extension of Community Land Trusts.

Gove will assemble a team of lawyers, landowners, existing CLT pioneers, planners and local government leaders to explore what the current barriers are to the rapid growth of the model and propose solutions which will help unlock the benefits of development for the community.?
The CLT model is designed to promote greater social responsibility and community involvement in meeting housing needs, as well as giving young people opportunities they would not otherwise have.

Because CLTs allow land to be released for development, which is then owned in perpetuity by a not-for-profit organisation, houses built on the land can be made available to new purchasers at half the cost they would otherwise pay.

Owners can sell on their properties and benefit from any increase in the value of the bricks and mortar that has developed over time, while the land itself remains in the hands of the CLT.?
CLTs also allow for those with limited incomes to get on the ownership ladder by giving families the chance to acquire an initial slice of equity in the property, typically by paying a fixed percentage of their income, and then as their circumstances change they can “staircase up” their level of ownership.

The CLT model was inspired by the vision of the Levellers and Diggers, radical democrats who fought on parliament’s side in the Civil War, who believed in community ownership of land. The idea was later taken up by the Chartists in the 19th century and made a reality in 1903 with Ebeneezer Howard’s development of Letchworth Garden City.?
CLTs have been particularly successful in America and over the past 15 years more than 130 CLTs have been developed in both urban and rural areas of the States.

The first CLT in the US was set up by Martin Luther King in 1967 to secure affordable access to land for African American workers.?
Gove says: “The sad fact is that the dream of home ownership is literally a dream for too many who cannot ever imagine finding the money for their first deposit on a flat or house.

“But we believe that by following the example set by visionary pioneers such as Dr King that dream can become a reality for many more.

That’s why the Conservative Party is establishing a new taskforce to explore how we can bring down the barriers which stand in the way of this exciting route to ownership.”


N&P goes carbon neutral

Norwich and Peterborough has become the first building society to be carbon neutral and achieve the CarbonNeutral quality mark. The biggest areas to be reduced and offset will be the annual business mileage, which is 1.32 million miles, electricity consumption of the society, which is 3.2 million kwh, and gas consumption of 0.77 million kwh. […]

HSBC launches green sale

HSBC has launched a new five-year fixed rate mortgage at 5.17% as part of its green sale. The product has a maximum LTV of 90% and is available to new and existing customers.The bank has linked with a number of environmental charities to launch the HSBC green sale. For every sale product sold, HSBC will […]

Chelsea promotes Ford to executive board

Chelsea has promoted Peter Ford to its board as resources director.Ford has worked for Chelsea for 17 years in a variety of management roles and has been part of the executive team since January 1 2003. He is a chartered accountant and will be responsible for the staff, communications, legal, business change and IT functions. […]

Fixed rate borrowers could face payment shock

More than 315,000 homeowners who took out fixed rate mortgages at the end of 2003 and the start of 2004 could be heading for a shock when their special deals run out, warns Analysis from the consumer comparison website shows these borrowers could be facing monthly increases of as much as £140.Average fixed-rate deals […]

India Election Update

What a difference six months makes. Speaking in September last year, we had warned of ‘excessive pessimism’ afflicting the market’s perception of India. Since then, responsible central bank policy from the Reserve Bank of India (RBI), alongside improving global growth, has meant that India’s macro environment is strengthening quickly. The current account deficit has shrunk, inflation is falling and the government has embarked on a heavy dose of much needed fiscal consolidation. As a result, the rupee has been one of the strongest global currencies this year while the market has touched all-time highs, rallying by more than 20 per cent (GBP) since September. This begs the question: are we now in a period of ‘irrational exuberance’? Not yet.


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