RBSIP launches free online call back service

Royal Bank of Scotland Intermediary Partners has set up a free online call back service where brokers can book time slots to speak to the lender and resolve their case enquiries.

The CallBACK service, available on the RBSIP website, allows brokers to book a time slot via an online form for an RBSIP member to call them back.

Call backs can be requested up to eight hours in advance, with the returned call from RBSIP promised within 30 minutes of the requested time slot.

RBSIP says the free service will cut down on call time for the broker as the RBSIP representative will be prepared in advance of the time slot to deal with the query. It will also mean brokers won’t have to be held in a call queue.

Chris Pearson, director of intermediary mortgages at RBS, says: “With the management of service levels still being a critical issue in today’s market, the introduction of CallBACK should be a real help to brokers.

“We are committed to investing in technology to make it easier and less time-consuming for brokers to do business with us.”