Promise joins TMA panel

The Mortgage Alliance has added Promise Solutions to its secured loans lending panel.

Promise joins recent addition Colonial Secured Loans and existing strategic partner Loanmakers to make up TMA’s secured loans offering.

The link with Promise will enable TMA member’s access to Promise’s commission rates across a whole of market secured loan provider panel plus unsecured loans with free online sourcing, quotation and document production.

Phil Whitehouse, head of TMA, says: “I am excited about the opportunities that will be created for TMA’s members by launching Promise Solutions as our latest partner for secured lending. The addition of Promise Solutions creates even more choice and delivers a new avenue for members to access secured loans from a market leading company with cutting edge technology solutions.

“Through Promise Solutions our members are guaranteed top quality levels of service and support coupled with market-leading commission earnings. In addition the Unique “Loan recycler” enables previously declined cases, which now fit criteria, to be placed with lenders following the introduction of new products/providers or criteria changes.

Steve Walker, managing director of Promise Solutions, says: “We are delighted to align ourselves with such an established and well respected organisation as TMA.

“I firmly believe that mortgage brokers should give their clients no excuse to apply for a loan via the TV, press or online. Our technology and additional support allows us to remove the mystery associated with secured loans, empowers TMA’s members to become relative experts in the field and grasp the opportunity to generate significant additional income whilst serving their clients better.

“The sourcing and sales system now available free to TMA members gives them an advantage over the most established, direct to consumer, loan brokers. They can provide products to their clients, at the point of sale, faster and more transparently than the biggest names in the sector.

“Secured loans are becoming an integral part of the brokers offering and Promise provides the necessary support and expertise to enable brokers to maximise their income opportunities and open up their services to new customers with confidence. Our starter guide covers everything they might need including sales techniques, objection handling, compliance and marketing enabling brokers to diversify further and capitalise on this sector of the market.
With the seasonal spring demand for loans just around the corner, now is the time for brokers to take a more serious look at how they transact secured and unsecured loans.”