Praise for CML staff’s generosity

The Council of Mortgage Lenders has received an award from Workplace Giving UK in recognition of the generosity of director-general Michael Coogan and his team.

At least 20% of staff make regular donations to their favourite charities directly from their pay via a Workplace Giving scheme, which is pretty good going – the government’s benchmark for excellence (its terminology, not ours) is set much lower, at a participation rate of 10%.

“We have made a record-breaking 24 awards this year,” says Peter O’Hara, managing director of Workplace Giving. “It is important to say thank you to all the people in a company, not least the participating employees. Staff have helped to raise more than £2.5m for charities this year alone.”

All donations are taken from employees’ gross pay and are therefore tax-efficient. It’s also the a for higher rate taxpayers to automatically give an extra 40% to charity.