Platform cuts rates on almost prime

Platform has cut rates on its almost prime product for its key distributors, including the Mortgage Times Group.

The range has been cut by 2% across the board to between 7.29% to 8.19%, subject to additional percentage charges based on LTV and other criteria.

Richard Stokes, product director at Mortgage Times, says: ” It is a tribute that Platform continues to be a broker bastion in these hard moments and support with this latest product offering sits very comfortably at 2% below their standard proposition, demonstrating the importance they place on working closely with partners who have in turn shown them commitment down the years.”

Neil Wyatt, regional sales manager at Platform, adds: ” The Mortgage Times Group is a business partner of Platform and we are delighted to be able to distribute shared exclusives via our key packager relationships.

“It is vital that we continue to work closely with our distribution partners during current times to understand the challenges they are facing and to respond accordingly.”