Pink launches online tranche management

Pink Home Loans has launched an online tranche management for lender partners.

Lenders who manage their funds through the facility will receive regular management information on how the product is performing and how much is still available.

The facility also benefits Pink’s broker customers as they can book funds for their clients online, any time of the day, without having to pick up the phone.

The system will immediately notify them whether or not the booking has been successful leaving them safe in the knowledge that their client will get the product they have opted for.

Neil Hoare, sales and marketing director of Pink, says: “The facility will prove to be a valuable tool for both lenders and brokers especially in market conditions where competitive lending products are at a premium.

“The lender will be able to choose to receive a report of the bookings made either on an hourly or daily basis or as soon as one has been booked, which is ideal in a market where product providers have to closely monitor both the volume of lending they write and any movements in interest rates.”