Martin Lewis rebuffs claims he’s anti-broker

Personal finance guru Martin Lewis has defended himself against claims that he is anti-mortgage brokers.

In an open letter on his website, Lewis says that he has even had some brokers contact him anonymously and ask him to end his life.

The hostility he has encountered from a small number of brokers he says does the broker industry “no credit” and that he would hate the behaviour of the few to discredit that of the many.

The irony he says is that he has spent his entire career encouraging people to go to a mortgage broker.

He says: “I’ve lost count of the number of people who’ve approached me in the street and said ‘I got a great mortgage deal, by going to a broker as you suggested.’ or ‘I didn’t go to my bank this time, I used a whole of market broker, because I wrote it down when you said to on the TV’.”

Another criticism he has encountered from brokers has been that because he doesn’t have a financial qualification he should just keep his mouth shut.

This he slams as “frankly risible” and even the accusation that only a broker should talk about mortgages as “frankly bizarre”.

He adds: “Of course I’m not a qualified mortgage broker. My entire stance is that I write not as part of the finance industry. I am a journalist (a qualified one at that) and that’s my work.”

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