Lazenby has his time in the Sun

He was described as a twice-divorced building society tycoon but the Sun did not describe him as young or pneumatic and he didn\'t quite make page three - we are, of course, referring to Mike Lazenby, chief executive of Kent Reliance Building Society, who the Sun featured in its eight-page post-pre-Budget pullout on November 26 as an example of someone in the £150,000 tax band who will be worse off after April 2011, when he\'ll be paying tax at 45p in the pound.

Lazenby, pictured here at his boardroom table – which once belonged to the notorious Enron company – told the Sun: “I don’t object to paying a higher rate myself but I think the people who mismanaged the economy – namely MPs earning £60,000 to £70,000 – should have to pay for their mistakes.”

The table in our picture was acquired following the fall of Enron and before board meetings, Lazenby likes to remind directors of some of the irresponsible decisions that were made around it. Any chance of donating it to the Treasury?