Landlords deserve fair crack of the whip from lenders

The base rate has dropped, LIBOR has fallen and the government wants lenders to start lending again.

But this does not seem to have improved the deals available to landlords. Statistically we have been more reliable with repayments and generated more profits by paying higher rates than home owners, so we deserve to benefit from the latest cuts too.

I am also a broker and am watching the available 75% LTV rates closely but can find no evidence that lenders intend to play fair with their best customers.

Now that borrowers are expected to save deposits, why doesn’t the government realise that this will take average residential customers some time to achieve? The only way the housing market will start to recover in the short term is for landlords to be given a fair crack of the whip.

The recent Rugg report highlighted the valuable service that landlords provide so why won’t lenders show some appreciation for their best customers?

Richard Caukill

Abbeydale Estates

By email