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House prices fall 2.6% in November, says Halifax

House prices fell by 2.6% in November the latest Halifax house price index has revealed.

The monthly survey has found that the average house price in November dropped 14.9% year-on-year to the same level last seen in July 2005 – £163,445.

But Halifax says that the UK average house price is 124% higher than 10 years ago sitting more than £90,000 higher than in November 1998.

Martin Ellis, chief economist for Halifax, says: “There was a 2.6% decline in average UK house prices in November.

“The combination of high house prices in relation to earnings, constraints on householders’ incomes and spending power and the decline in the availability of mortgage finance since the summer of 2007 has curbed housing demand.

He adds: “These factors are major contributors to lower house prices and activity.

“Lower house prices, however, mean that a key housing affordability measure – the house price to earnings ratio – is at its most favourable for over five years at 4.56.”


It is time to unleash hell against banks

With chancellor Alistair Darling throwing his toys out of the pram over the intransigence of UK banks, the only question is why should anyone be surprised?

The month at a glance

The above-mentioned statement by foreign secretary Miliband to recognise Chinese rule over Tibet destroyed at a stroke the Dalai Lama’s negotiating position and led to speculation that the UK decision was linked with Prime Minister Gordon Brown’s efforts to bring China into a new world economic order.

Making sense of uncertainty

The recent Lending Strategy lunch with Sunday Times economics editor David Smith generated a fascinating debate about the future of the market and provided food for thought for the group of industry leaders.

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Thinking of expanding overseas?

Whether you’re a small company or an established larger employer, expanding overseas into emerging markets can be an extremely attractive prospect for growing your business. However, with this comes a duty-of-care requirement to any staff based overseas.


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