Exact launches website

Exact, the reincarnation of edeus, has rolled out its website today with full product details.

The business, headed up by managing director Alan Cleary, finance director Ian Lonergan and chief operating officer John Nixon, offers the Exact Asset Quality Assessment Service, Exact Mortgage Servicing and the Mortgage Asset Reduction Service.

Cleary says: “It’s been a whirlwind of activity in the past few weeks – as well as continuing to service our existing AQA clients we’ve been developing new products to offer under the Exact brand – they’re now live on exact.co.uk.”

The website reveals each aspect of the business in more detail, including the Mortgage Asset Reduction Service.

The Golden Goodbye programme was piloted on the edeus mortgage book earlier this year and offers brokers the opportunity to earn additional proc fees as borrowers redeem their mortgages early and remortgage with another lender.

Today Exact launches the service more widely to lenders and investors in mortgage securities who wish to create value in a portfolio of loans.

Cleary adds: “Exact is building on the management team’s origination expertise to deliver fresh and innovative approaches to credit quality assessment, mortgage servicing and collections and RMBS restructuring.

“What we’re doing with AQA and MARS is unique and responds directly to the changing economic environment. The gauntlet has been thrown down and we’re rising to the challenge.”