Competent Adviser offers free trial of TCF toolbox

Competent Adviser is offering brokers a free month’s trial of its Treating Customers Fairly toolbox to help firms get to grips with TCF principles.

The computer-based training programmes demonstrate good TCF business practice and helps brokers identify what the Financial Services Authority is looking for.

The TCF toolbox will automatically update users of any FSA announcements and contains links to relevant parts of the regulator’s website.

If after the trial period brokers decide to sign up to the system the initial trial will then be converted into a month’s free use, meaning users will get 13 months for the price of 12.

Gillian Tait, director at Competent Adviser, says: “We have been buoyed by the ever-increasing awareness from brokers for the need to constantly update knowledge whilst being able to fully demonstrate and document their training procedures.

“We are confident those trialling the system will fully benefit from our TCF offering.”