Brokers are looking debt solutions gift horse in the mouth

I read Mark Sutton\'s letter about embattled brokers surviving the credit crunch with interest (Mortgage Strategy November 17).

We recently embarked on an email campaign targeting brokers around the UK to promote our debt solutions firm as a new income stream.

Most brokers I know have a healthy client bank but are not exploiting it properly. We are getting busier by the week as the credit crunch bites. A sizeable proportion of our introducers are brokers who find they can earn as much from referrals to us as they can from mortgage cases.

So why is it that in reply to the last set of emails we sent out, a number of brokers replied saying they wanted to be taken off our mailing list?

After all, we can earn brokers cash, save their clients money and help them deal with their financial problems, then send back financially healthier clients for brokers to do more business with.

It also earns them lots of brownie points and referrals. So the reason for the rejection? I can only assume they are so busy they don’t need the income.

Adam Brownlie

Sales Manager

Lifeline Debt Solutions

By email