A return to the ladder of old?

Robert Winfield

I was really pleased with the new Help to Buy schemes announced in the Budget this year.

Firstly I was happy as I have been campaigning for a new version on the mortgage indemnity guarantee for a while now and while we have to wait until January for the launch, it will be a great incentive for people to save money for their own property.

The fact that it is not just for new properties will appeal to a wide audience who want greater freedom to choose exactly where they live and enjoy the better value for money that is traditionally obtained through buying older houses.

The interest free deposit scheme on new build is another good idea to get the new builds selling.

Homeowners will be encouraged to move and buy a bigger property as the new scheme makes it affordable, with their interest rate on their loan will be lower as a result of the bigger deposit. Could this mark the return of the property ladder?

There have been complaints that their availability is restricted to repayment mortgages. Obviously this is to create an equity stake in the property within five years but it doesn’t ooze confidence in house price increases over the coming months/years and encourage investment. Also people have been moaning that developers will put the prices of new builds up with all the extra cash available and create another property price hike making owning a property even more difficult.

To that I simply remind people that the property market creates jobs for so many people and to see more properties selling will definitely kick start the economy. That is what we all need at the end of the day so, well done and let’s all get behind it.