Housing benefit is a luxury for some and should be cut

I was interested to read recent articles warning that the government’s proposed cuts to housing benefit are a recipe for destitution.

The reason rents are so high is because landlords can get away with charging scandalous amounts to tenants claiming housing benefit as the government foots the bill. This pushes rents up everywhere if there are people able to pay it.

I work but I’m not on great wages so I get some housing benefit but still agree this benefit reform is long overdue.

Way too much benefit is handed out and it’s not that people need it to live – it just means they can afford nice holidays and waste money on beer and cigarettes.

Most people I see who do not work, or work little, have the best quality of life. I work hard and get stressed by my job and have little free time unlike many on benefits, who still get the same luxuries as me and all the free time.

Benefits should be provided to enable people to afford essential items only so the motivation is there to go out and work.

If I had my way I would cut benefits even more than planned even if this means I get nothing to help me.

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