Focus on providing appropriate cover, not just commission

Sainsbury’s last week revealed that 43% of mortgage holders in Britain do not have their mortgage contributions covered by life insurance.

Why is the focus always on life cover for a mortgage? Whatever happened to looking at what overall protection an individual family needs?

Maybe if we started doing the job the way it should be done, people would be educated on why they need certain types of cover in certain circumstances.

Press coverage focussing on getting the mortgage covered leads to people either feeling that if they have got this they have nothing to worry about or thinking ’I am not bothered about the house’ so they don’t need to worry.

Why doesn’t the industry focus on showing consumers what happens if you haven’t got income protection or redundancy cover. Make it about cover while you are alive and protection for your nearest and dearest when you die.

It’s about educating people to make informed decisions not just simply flogging them something to earn a few quid in commission.

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