Ensure you exceed client expectations


It’s less than 10 weeks until 2011, so how are your new year resolutions coming along? Are you hoping 2011 is going to be better than this year?

Most things we want in life are an improvement on what we have. How many people do you know who wish an area of their life would improve without doing anything practical to make that change?

One constant in a service arena is the way we interact with clients and make them feel important. Without them none of us would be in business. We are always searching for ways to improve their service experience with us.

We all expect more for our hard-earned cash these days. Clients are demanding and as their choices of where they get financial services from increases, advisers have to continue to look for ways to offer them more than they expect.

This not only revolves around the financial advice you can give them on their mortgage and associated products, but also how you make them feel as individuals.

This is where an IT system can also help with the small things that make a difference to clients such as appropriate business updates, segmented by client type to obtain relevant business information, or even birthday cards.

Regular contact with customers not only keeps you at the forefront of their minds – it cements your relationship further.

There’s no need for copious amounts of paperwork to determine which client should be seen at what time. All you need is a decent IT system to ensure your contact with clients is regular, appropriate and timely.