Bridge over troubled waters

Some might call it madness to launch a business with your own money in a recession but Jonathan Samuels didn’t. Two years on, Drawbridge Finance is going strong and has Mark Posniak on board as well


Jonathan Samuels CV

Education: 1989-1996: Manchester Grammar
1996-1999: Oxford University

Joins McKinsey as a consultant
2003: Joins special projects team at Standard Chartered
2004: Moves to South Africa to look after a bank acquired by Standard Chartered
2006: Leaves Standard Chartered to set up a brokerage and bridging firm in South Africa
2007: Sells brokerage and bridging firm to private equity firm
2008: Returns to the UK and sets up Drawbridge Finance

I play five-a-side football every Monday night. I have been playing for 10 years with a group of mates. After all that time I should be good by now but I’m just getting slow

Currently reading:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Favourite film:
Casino. Although I can re-watch any of the origina Star Wars movies many times over.

I have several mortgages on different properties. The lenders include Barclays Wealth, JP Morgan, and Northern Rock on a mix of variable and fixed rates.


Mark Posniak CV

Education: 1988-1993: King David School, Johannesburg
1993-1995: Crawford College, Johannesburg

Travels to Australia to play cricket for North Sydney
2002: Moves to UK to play cricket for Brooklands in Manchester and becomes support proposition manager at BT New Ventures
2004: Becomes senior partner business manager, Wolters Kluwer UK (Croner Consulting)
2005: Becomes director of sales and marketing at Cheval
2008: Joins Linksfield Technologies as head of business development
2010: Becomes head of marketing and operations at Drawbridge Finance

Spending time with my 18 month old son and my wife, playing golf and work.

Currently reading:
Bright Marketing by Robert Craven

Favourite film:
Shawshank Redemption although I also love Wedding Crashers.

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