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Bridge over troubled waters

Some might call it madness to launch a business with your own money in a recession but Jonathan Samuels didn’t. Two years on, Drawbridge Finance is going strong and has Mark Posniak on board as well


Jonathan Samuels CV

Education: 1989-1996: Manchester Grammar
1996-1999: Oxford University

Joins McKinsey as a consultant
2003: Joins special projects team at Standard Chartered
2004: Moves to South Africa to look after a bank acquired by Standard Chartered
2006: Leaves Standard Chartered to set up a brokerage and bridging firm in South Africa
2007: Sells brokerage and bridging firm to private equity firm
2008: Returns to the UK and sets up Drawbridge Finance

I play five-a-side football every Monday night. I have been playing for 10 years with a group of mates. After all that time I should be good by now but I’m just getting slow

Currently reading:
The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo by Stieg Larsson

Favourite film:
Casino. Although I can re-watch any of the origina Star Wars movies many times over.

I have several mortgages on different properties. The lenders include Barclays Wealth, JP Morgan, and Northern Rock on a mix of variable and fixed rates.


Mark Posniak CV

Education: 1988-1993: King David School, Johannesburg
1993-1995: Crawford College, Johannesburg

Travels to Australia to play cricket for North Sydney
2002: Moves to UK to play cricket for Brooklands in Manchester and becomes support proposition manager at BT New Ventures
2004: Becomes senior partner business manager, Wolters Kluwer UK (Croner Consulting)
2005: Becomes director of sales and marketing at Cheval
2008: Joins Linksfield Technologies as head of business development
2010: Becomes head of marketing and operations at Drawbridge Finance

Spending time with my 18 month old son and my wife, playing golf and work.

Currently reading:
Bright Marketing by Robert Craven

Favourite film:
Shawshank Redemption although I also love Wedding Crashers.

Lifetime tracker with Woolwich


Regulator should wake up and listen to industry bodies

The CML has stated that 45% of mortgage borrowers this year would have been blocked by MMR so why would the FSA want to even consider the implementation of MMR if this is the case? This country needs mortgage lending. Without it not only the housing market but many other industries would come to a […]


Great rates but they come with deadlines

Lenders are starting to tell us when they are going to withdraw their mortgages. HSBC kicked off the trend by stating a final date on its best buy term tracker which was advertised in national newspapers. But while the rate was great, I bet not all its customers will have been pleased to secure the […]


Lloyds dumped us from its panel but I don’t know why

As another firm that has just received a letter from Lloyds Banking Group telling me I have been removed from its broker panel, I am staggered.Our business is small so is certainly not a huge buy-to-let player. We provided full income verification on every case submitted whether it was requested or not. The lender has […]


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