Week in numbers

172% – The rise in demand for petrol last Thursday amid fears of a strike, retailer group RMI Petrol reports.

686 – The number of pages in the Finance Bill which passed through Parliament last week.

33 – The average age of Treasury staff compared to a general civil service average of 45, an internal report shows.

50 – The number of pages in the government’s new planning guidelines, down from a whopping 1,300.

67% – The number of Treasury staff aged between 20 and 39, the highest of any government department.

9.71 – The multiple by which the average house in Truro is more expensive than the local average income, making it the UK’s least affordable city.

0.2% – The percentage by which the services sector grew this January, Office for National Statistics data shows.

38% – The level of staff turnover at the Treasury in 2008.

60p – The price of a first class stamp from April 30, up from 46p.

-0.1% – The percentage by which the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development expects the UK economy to have shrunk in Q1.