Cameron’s housing giveaway offers little to you and me

Well, here we go round the mulberry bush again. Right to Buy part two - who would have thought it?

But my view about Right to Buy has changed.

Back in the Thatcherite 1980s, in my patronising upper middle class way, I believed Right to Buy was a jolly good piece of legislation.

It never affected me of course. My dad was a posh estate agent and I never knew anyone from a council estate until I was 22.

It was then that I met a lovely girl called Shirley whose parents lived in a council house.

After a respectful and completely decent courtship I was invited to tea, an experience I have yet to recover from.

I had never realised electric ’pay as you go’ meters existedand everywhere there were bowls of cheap crisps and nuts, I assumed to impress me.

I view Prime Minister David Cameron’s offer of £75,000 discount to local authority tenants as nothing more than an electoral bribe.

Gone are my former egalitarian views on home ownership which could be loosely translated as – “It’s so nice that poor people can buy their own house, don’t you think?”.

“If I lived in a council flat with three Staffies and seven kids by three women I’d snap Cameron’s hand off”

These fine words have been replaced bythe undeniable truth that what Cameron and co are really saying is – “Here’s £75,000 and can I rely on your vote please?”.

And another thing that seriously irks me is what gives Cameron the right to do this.

Don’t council houses belong to you and me – i.e. the tax payer? So how come he can decide to sell them off without asking us?

OK, Thatcher did exactly the same, but that was 30 years ago and this is 2012 and times have changed.

The other aspect that concerns me is that all this will inevitably lead to yet more impoverished families having to rent in the ludicrously expensive private sector because every council house that’s bought reduces the social housing stock by one.

And in case you haven’t noticed they don’t build council housing anymore.

Don’t get me wrong, if I had a council flat at the top of a 16-storey tower block with three Staffordshire bull terriers and seven kids by three women, I too would snap Cameron’s hand off.

Who after all is going to look this gift horse in the mouth?

So in a nutshell unless you are a council tenant this idea of Cameron’s doesn’t benefit you or me one iota. It’s just cynical vote buying.

I am also undecided about the NewBuy Guarantee scheme to help first-time buyers purchase new-build homes.

Call me a sad old cynic but doesn’t this mean that the banks that have denied lending to us for years are now set to benefit massively? Something doesn’t sit right here.