The mortgage mole


Mole didn’t know whether to be impressed or disappointed with online editor Natalie Thomas after hearing of her exploits with the Kensington Property Price Challenge.

The lender has developed the game to celebrate the launch of its new online system and is offering brokers the chance to win an iPad. They have to log on to http://propertypricechallenge. and guess house prices in five rounds, with the scores shown on a leader board.

While journalists are not eligible to win the iPad, there is a lunch with PR guru Alex Hammond on offer.

Convinced it would be the journalist with the highest score who would win the lunch date, Thomas found a way of cheating to ensure she got a top score.

But it seems a few brokers have also discovered Thomas’ trick as Kensington had to extend the leader board.

Unfortunately, Hammond revealed the winners of the iPad and lunch would be picked at random from all the entries. “I guess crime really doesn’t pay,” a red-faced Thomas told Mole.

Tough guy Mole caught up with Phoebus’ Paul Hunt last week and when conversation turned to his next charitable challenge it was decided he should enter the annual Tough Guy event. But Hunt signed up without doing his research.

Since its inception there have been two deaths, many broken bones, and, last year alone, 600 hypothermia cases.

“All for a good cause though,” Hunt was heard saying. Let’s see how he feels in January.