Be proactive and get in touch with clients


If you have seen the film Field of Dreams you’ll be familiar with the phrase – If you build it, he will come.

If you aren’t, it is one of Kevin Costner’s better films and the point to the quote is that it applies to remortgage activity.

There has been coverage in the national press about remortgaging recently and this provides brokers with an opportunity.

If you work on the principle that if you build it, they will come, you should be expecting a rush of enquiries from your clients on the back of such stories.

Unfortunately, the real world doesn’t work like that so it is imperative that brokers make the most of the opportunity and get in touch with clients, especially those whose deals are coming to an end.

I apologise if it’s a case of eggs and grandmas here, but I know many talk about it and not everyone does it.

One email or a letter through the post won’t do the trick. You will need several communications before you’ll get a response.
So update your website and Facebook page and start Tweeting about the best remortgage deals.

Remember, just because you have built it doesn’t necessarily mean they will come – you can’t wait for customers to make contact, so be proactive.