A refreshing way to manage your staff


If you’re like me, you’ll have become disenchanted with people who shout about their corporate values and tell everyone they’re a great employer.

I’m not naturally sceptical, but my views have been formed after listening to many human resources professionals trip out the same old platitudes over the years.

I am sick of having to soak up the same old verbiage such as “we value our people” and “everyone has an important role to play in our organisation”.

We all know many firms only value their people when they’re delivering positive cash outcomes. When they stop doing this, they’re in trouble. This is largely the case, but there are some diamonds.

The other day I found myself believing a broker when he told me about his company’s approach to managing people and how his firm got the best out of the team.

What made the conversation so refreshing was I didn’t need a degree in rocket engineering to understand what he told me about his firm’s approach to staff engagement. His mantra was simple – treat people as you expect to be treated and speak up when you think something can be improved.

HR gobbledygook wasn’t on the radar. Instead, a good, old-fashioned and common sense approach had seized the day.

So I take my hat off to Rotherham-based mortgage and general insurance intermediary MortgageTalk. Not only does it seem to have a strong business model, but it has changed my views about mortgage businesses and people strategies forever.