Iress gives The Exchange protection underwriting boost


Iress has added more protection underwriting abilities to its online portal, The Exchange.

The upgrade gives advisers more certainty around the impact of body mass index and waist size.

Protection underwriters can now calculate any required rating and the correct premium for protection quotes at the point of sale.

The company has added optional questions on height, weight and waist size to the quote process.

These will let partially underwritten quotes be returned alongside standard quotes.

The new upgrade is initially available for term quotes with Aviva, but Iress plans to add more insurers and products.

Iress executive general product manager Andrew Simon says: “Our work with advisers has shown that being able to provide more price certainty at point of sale is top of the wishlist to help them manage their clients’ expectations.

“That’s what we’re delivering here, through a collaborative approach with protection providers.”

Aviva chief underwriter Robert Morrison says: “The new service will mean that advisers accessing our newly launched life and critical illness insurance products won’t have to wait until they apply to get a decision based on one of the most common rating factors – height and weight.

“Accurate quotes can be given from the start, giving advisers and customers greater certainty that the premium is appropriate for their individual circumstances.”