Homes and Communities Agency to rebrand as Homes England


The Homes and Communities Agency will rebrand as Homes England, according to today’s Government housing white paper.

The paper, published by the Department for Communities and Local Government, says a review of the HCA found the body should still play a part in delivering homes but still needs to do more.

The white paper says: “To respond to the housing challenge, the HCA should do some things differently by getting homes built directly on public sector land, encouraging more competition and embracing partnerships, working innovatively with local and combined authorities, LEPs and other partners.

“This summer, therefore, the Homes and Communities Agency will be relaunched as Homes England with a clear, unifying purpose: ‘To make a home within reach for everyone’.”

The white paper adds that the relaunched body will be tasked with getting more homes built across all tenures, “put in infrastructure to help unlock housing capacity and attract small builders and new players to diversify the market on a sustainable basis”.