Home owners neglecting the exterior of their properties


UK home owners are neglecting the exterior of their homes, with the majority spending under £250 per year on maintenance, new research reveals.

This compares to an average spend of £3,579 every year on the interiors.

The Britain at Home report, compiled by Lloyds Bank Insurance, revealed that the areas inside the home seeing the highest levels of annual expenditure are the kitchen (£938), living room (£584), bathroom (£527), and bedrooms (£423). In contrast, homeowners spend an average of £714 on all outdoor areas, while over half (57 per cent) are spending less than £250.

The findings come despite homeowners seeing the maintenance of indoor (53 per cent) and outdoor (52 per cent) areas as being of equal importance.

Two thirds (67 per cent) of home owners felt unhappy about living in poorly-maintained neighbourhoods, yet many are failing to ensure the upkeep of their own homes.

The most common neighbourhood issues identified by homeowners include untidy gardens or outdoor areas (34 per cent), buildings in disrepair (18 per cent) and outdoor spaces used as dumping grounds (18 per cent).

For one in five (20 per cent), the problem is so bad they are even considering moving house.

One in ten (12 per cent) think the value of their home will decrease as a result of its surroundings.

The research suggests this is a valid concern as the most important factor people take into account when looking for a new property is whether it is well-maintained on the outside (55 per cent.

Lloyds Bank Insurance senior claims manager Tim Downes says: “It is important that homeowners take care of their properties, not just for aesthetic reasons, but also to prevent the risk of maintenance problems such as damp, leaking roofs, and poor guttering, which, if left, can be expensive issues to rectify.”