From the editor: Farewell… and thank you


Forgive me if what follows seems a little self-indulgent but, after nearly four years at Mortgage Strategy, two of them as editor, this is my final issue.

It has been an honour to guide this magazine during what has been an eventful period for the market.

Although I am leaving Mortgage Strategy, I am not quitting the industry as I am moving to the money desk of a national newspaper. But I leave this magazine in very capable hands, with Money Marketing editor Natalie Holt covering in the short term while my successor is secured. There is also my deputy, Sam Barker, a talented journalist who has taken to this sector exceptionally well.

This publication has always championed the broker community. It is a magazine that campaigns fiercely for those who give mortgage advice.

It was Mortgage Strategy that lobbied, successfully, for lenders to treat brokers fairly with regard to panel removals. Similarly, we have battled constantly for lenders to fairly remunerate advisers for their work, and since then many have increased their procuration fees.

And now we are supporting the Association of Mortgage Intermediaries – particularly chairman Pat Bunton – on the fair treatment of borrowers switching lenders. This support will continue after my departure because it is written into Mortgage Strategy’s DNA.

We have experienced in recent years possibly this industry’s most turbulent period and there will be more battles to come. But one thing I have learnt during my time at Mortgage Strategy is that the people who make up this great industry are incredibly resilient and can navigate a safe path through choppy waters.

I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has assisted both the magazine and me over the years. Your support has been invaluable, and hugely appreciated.

Finally, I would like to say a big thank you to all our readers. Without you, I would not have had the opportunity to edit this wonderful title.

Farewell… but not goodbye.