Exclusive: Private Label to return this summer


Former pioneering packager Private Label is being revived to target a perceived lack of innovation in the mortgage market, Mortgage Strategy understands.

Private Label was known for thinking up and launching clever mortgage products in the 1990s and early 2000s.

It was founded by mortgage veteran Stephen Knight in 1990, was bought by GMAC in 1998 and was closed to new business in October 2002.

But now Brightstar Financial plans to revive the brand this summer and has secured the right to use the name, according to sources.

A source close to the deal says the relaunched Private Label would “provide innovative and responsible mortgages to fulfil niches in the market”.

A Brightstar spokesman refused to comment.

However, Brightstar bought the www.privatelabel.co.uk website last November, according to domain name registries.

Private Label was formerly owned by Paratus AMC, which was set up by Fortress, which in turn bought GMAC’s UK mortgage assets in 2010.