Ex-broker convicted over Chelsea FC train racism


A former commercial mortgage broker is among four Chelsea Football Club fans given suspended prison sentences for a racist attack on the Paris metro in 2015.

The attack took place after a European Champions League game in February 2015 between Chelsea and Paris Saint-Germain.

A group of Chelsea fans were filmed refusing to let a black man, Souleymane Sylla, board a train and chanting racially abusive songs.

One of the four, Joshua Parsons, was once a trainee at The Business and Commercial Finance Club in London, but was let go after the incident.

The Guardian reports he is now a scaffolder.

The other three Chelsea fans convicted were civil engineer James Fairbairn, former Irish policeman Richard Barklie and Ashford-based William Simpson.

Parsons got an eight-month suspended sentence. Fairbairn’s suspended sentence was six months, while Barklie and Simpson both got 12-month suspended sentences.

All four denied being racist to Sylla but were convicted of racial violence charges at the Palais de Justice.

The four attackers were also ordered to pay Sylla £8,500 in total.

BCFC founder Miranda Khadr says: “We let him go shortly after the incident after thoroughly reviewing the video evidence and believing that his actions were unacceptable. The BCFC would like to reiterate that his personal views and his reactions are not a reflection of those of the company or any other employees.”