Editor’s note: A new dawn…

Mortgage Strategy has been coming through your letterboxes on a weekly basis for 16 years and, while that may seem a relatively short period in the grand scheme of things, many big changes and events have occurred within the industry during that time and the title itself has gone through several evolutions.

Back in September 2001, the subjects we were writing about included those such as the sale of Sun Bank to Portman Building Society – neither of which still exists today. In that same month, a survey of 22,000 homeowners by the Council of Mortgage Lenders found that 61 per cent had bought their home with a mortgage, of whom 58 per cent had taken out an interest-only deal…

Things often change faster than expected and it’s only when you look back and reflect that you can appreciate the necessity of this: if you don’t move with the times, you may be left behind.

Who would have thought back in 2001 that, in 16 short years, there would be lenders in the market offering mortgages via a mobile phone app, with advisers increasingly moving their processes in a more digital direction?

Of course, you will have noticed that print news publications are becoming few and far between, with more and more titles moving towards online only. This particular print magazine is the last remaining weekly trade title dedicated to the mortgage market.

In that vein, here at Mortgage Strategy we have taken stock of how the market is moving and have sought to strike a balance to offer the best of both worlds to our loyal readers. As editor, I have heard time and again how much you value the print offering, and I assure you I’ve listened.

We plan to keep our cherished magazine going but we will be moving to a monthly edition, which will be filled with many of your favourite aspects of the weekly title plus the bonus of plenty of fresh, new content for a lean-back, meaty proposition.

Simultaneously, and building on our ever-improving digital offering, we will be launching a new and further enhanced website, also with a wealth of new content. The wheels are in motion to finalise these changes in the coming months but, in the meantime, we will remain weekly until late July.

This is the natural next step in Mortgage Strategy’s evolution and we sincerely hope you will join us on our journey, and enjoy the ride – because we are our readers.