Editor’s note: Lead generation

Last week the Mortgage Strategy Leaders Forum was held in London and various factions of the industry gathered together to discuss recent developments impacting the market and to look forward at the shape it is predicted to take.

Given the mortgage market is currently in an unprecedented position in the run-up to leaving the EU, there was plenty to discuss, and speakers and panellists didn’t disappoint, prompting many lively debates.

Included on the agenda was a panel on the hot topic of the moment, buy-to-let, and the shape the sector will take in the future. While there are evidently many challenges to overcome, it was heartening to hear speakers look to the positive and the opportunities that are there for brokers in terms of educating clients.

It was clear that while BTL has suffered, there will always be demand in the sector, although it may come in a different form.

We also discussed the era of the digital broker, with the conversation highlighting that, while a more online approach is inevitable as the world becomes increasingly technology focused, there will always be a place for the human touch when it comes to something as personal and complex as taking out a mortgage.

The consensus was that the traditional broker approach can run alongside a digital one to provide the best service and outcome for the customer.

Further presentations and conversations surrounded regulation and whether it is a hindrance or a help to the industry and the customer; the pre- and post-Brexit economy and the need for a smoother end-to-end mortgage acquisition process with communication between all sectors of the industry pinpointed as key to achieving this.

As always, when the mortgage market gets together it’s heartening to witness the passion and enthusiasm among the great people working in it to constantly improve and I hope that delegates took something away from the day to help their business to prosper in these unusual times.

There’s plenty more to read this week, including our cover feature looking at new-build and its place in the market, so sit back, grab a coffee and enjoy.