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Day in the Life of… Debbie Green, business development manager, Barclays

My alarm goes off at…

…5.45am – that extra quarter of an hour from 5.30am makes me feel like I am getting a lie-in each morning.

I can’t leave the house without…

…my coffee. It keeps me awake for the long drive on the M27. I also take my Fitbit everywhere with me to remind me to get out and walk as I am often sitting down for long periods during the day. I set the step target to 9,500 instead of 10,000 to make it that bit more achievable!

I get to work by…

…car on the motorway. I have learned that if I leave later than 6.30am in the morning I am stuck in traffic for an hour. I do a 220-mile trip each day where I religiously listen to Chris Evans in the morning and then Steve Wright in the afternoon – I love a bit of Radio 2.

The main purpose of my job is…

…to look after a broker based in the south-west of England [London and Country] which has 500 advisers. I enjoy maintaining our relationship with the aim to remain one of their top lenders. I support and develop the relationship and give their brokers confidence to know what to do, and they know where I am if they need me.

I’ve been in this role…

…in one form or another for 34 years. I started off as a cashier, and back then they did so much more, including processing mortgages and arrears collections. I even had to underwrite and type the offer. It’s amazing how different the mortgage process was then; no universal credit checks and your mortgage was determined by your bank manager.

I joined from…

…working as a receptionist for a hypnotist! So very different to what I do now. I switched to financial services as my dad told me it would be a job for life. He was certainly right.

My typical day…

…varies but my favourite work days are when I take the train to work. This is so I can FaceTime my daughter in Australia. She’s a trained teacher but for the past few years she’s been travelling the world. We joined her in Australia in November, and my husband and I are excited to be seeing her in Las Vegas in June.

My perk is helping the brokers help their clients

My work day is a mixture of meetings and supporting brokers in achieving their client’s dreams. This usually consists of meeting with companies that are expanding, spending my mornings with their advisers and admin discussing Barclays’ niche areas and how we can help their clients. I may spend the afternoon visiting one or two small companies that I maintain a relationship with, to bring them up to date on Barclays policy changes. Between visits I return calls and, once back at my office, I update our internal system with notes about my meetings, respond to emails and complete my planning for my visits the next day.

People may not know that I’m responsible for…

…constantly reminding my husband that there is more to life than fishing! We have a massive shed full of his fishing equipment and he’s always wanting to go out and fish.

A common misconception about my job is…

…that it is super-easy and I spend most of my time drinking coffee. In my line of work, I am dealing with people’s emotions and responsible for getting the end customer into their home.

My favourite work memory is…

…an instance very recently when we were doing a joint borrower sole proprietor mortgage, which in itself is more complicated than a standard mortgage application. The clients had exchanged and were waiting for funds to be released – actually waiting at the door of their new home – when it was identified an error had been made on the legal advice form.

With a panic-stricken customer and broker we had to try to resolve this to allow completion. Working with the solicitor dealing with the legal advice and our completion team, I managed to get the corrected documents to that solicitor and back to completion to allow the funds to be released and the client to move into their home very quickly. They would have been homeless otherwise.

A perk of the job is…

…interacting with everyone, helping people and making them happy. In my opinion, my perk is helping the brokers help their clients and I enjoy seeing their business grow.

To unwind after work I like to…

…have a curry and wine evening on Fridays with friends at each other’s houses. The rest of the week I’m in the gym (to burn off the curry).

My role in five words is…

…rewarding, fun, varied, exciting, busy.



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