David Cameron: We have no plans in event of Brexit


Prime Minister David Cameron says the Government has made no plans in the event that Britain votes to leave the European Union .

Speaking on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show, Cameron said the Civil Service was not preparing for Britain leaving the EU after the in-out referendum.

He added leaving the EU was “not the right answer” for the referendum, which he hopes to hold in the summer.

The Prime Minister also said he would stay as leader even if Britons choose EU independence.

He added: “ My policy is to hold a renegotiation and then a referendum, that’s what we promised in the manifesto, and then to abide by what the British public say.

“I hope that the answer will be staying in a reformed Europe.”

Cameron’s stance angered Eurosceptic Tory MPs, including senior Conservative backbencher David Davis.

Speaking to The Times yesterday, Davis said: “Let’s be pessimistic and say there’s a one in three chance of us leaving — that is still a big contingency, so it is nothing short of irresponsible not to have done any preparation. How on earth can you assess whether Brexit is right or wrong unless you assess how you would do it?”