Coventry introduces 50% LTV BTL range

Coventry for intermediaries has launched a range of buy-to-let mortgages at 50 per cent LTV.

The products include a 1.49 per cent two year fix at 50 per cent LTV with ERCs payable to 30 April 2019 and a £1,999 product fee; and a 2.59 per cent five year fix with ERCs payable at £1,999 until 31 October 2022.

A 1.59 per cent Flexx for Term has also been introduced at 50 per cent LTV with no ERCs and a £1,999 product fee.

Director of intermediaries Kevin Purvey says: “As well as competitive rates, the range means that brokers can offer their buy-to-let clients the stability of a fixed rate for two, five or ten years, or the flexibility of our Flexx for Term products with unlimited overpayments and further borrowing at the same rate.

“Also, all of our products are application fee free and include a valuation of up to £700 for buy-to-let mortgages”.