Conservatives could resurrect home information packs


The Conservatives would consider bringing back home information packs if re-elected.

The Conservative manifesto, released yesterday, said the party would “reform and modernise the home-buying process so it is more efficient and less costly” if re-elected.

Speaking to BBC Radio 4, former minister Michael Gove said as part of this the party would “look again” at bringing back the packs, which were dropped by the government in 2010.

London estate agent and former RICS Residential chairman Jeremy Leaf says:It is very interesting that Michael Gove has raised the spectre of Home Information Packs once again. It does beg  the question whether this is really the right time.

“There is nothing wrong with examining the home-buying process from time to time to look at ways of improving it but at a time of severe housing crisis, which has been acknowledged by all the major parties, we should really be concentrating more on improving accessibility and supply, allowing people to get on with their lives.”

Leaf adds that the “most contentious” part of the packs were the condition reports.

He adds: “Areas to look at include greater transparency, better communication, availability of information and, particularly with regard to leasehold, control of the availability and cost of management information. If these issues were addressed, it would go a long way to improving the experience of buying a home and ensuring that deals which are struck are more likely to be completed quickly.”