Comment: Smart brokers adapt to smart tech


The speed at which a case moves to offer is crucial, as is the facility to let a client engage electronically if they want to

Brokers need to embrace technology to streamline processes and provide a better journey for clients. Robo advice is something that worries them but replacing the traditional process with something entirely electronic is not the only way in which modern solutions can improve efficiency.

With more people using a smartphone to manage their finances, it is important that brokers adapt to this changing trend or they risk being left behind. Those seeking a mortgage are hungry to use technology but this does not mean they want to have their biggest financial commitment hinged on the swipe of a screen.

Inevitably the human element will decrease as time passes but a client still wants the reassurance of a qualified, experienced broker to look after them. That said, a broker who embraces technology will be better placed as the world continues its electronic journey.

The time-intensive process of obtaining bank statements from clients is one area where brokers can stay ahead of the game. There are solutions to help with just that, facilitating a connection between a client’s device and their bank, enabling them to supply statements to the broker with data even pre-populating their fact-find.

Receiving hard-copy statements puts them at risk, as does an unsecure email, so a broker who can offer a faster and safer solution is a much better option.

The speed at which a case moves to offer is crucial, as is the ability to allow a client to engage electronically if they want to. The digital age will continue to progress but the broker’s future is safe – as long as they accept change and embrace it.

Neil Robinson is business development manager at Callcredit