Brokers look set to back Brexit, MS Twitter poll reveals


Mortgage brokers look set to back Brexit by 55 per cent to 42 per cent, with 3 per cent remaining neutral, a Twitter poll by Mortgage Strategy suggests.

The findings, correct as of 1pm today, give some insight into the way the adviser community may be voting in today’s referendum.

However, the results contrast with that of the IFA community as a poll of 553 advisers by Mortgage Strategy’s sister title Money Marketing saw 56 per cent backing continued membership of the EU, while 44 per cent back Brexit.

Money Marketing’s figures were correct as of Wednesday evening.

Investment Quorum chief executive Lee Robertson says: “We don’t think it is right to tell clients whether a Brexit is better or worse. However, with my head I’d vote in, but with my heart I’d vote out.

“We should remain because the economics of the UK staying in Europe is important and it is a dangerous world for a country to be alone. But at the same time, the European model is broken: there is too much disparity among too many different countries.

“However, it is better to sort these problems out than walk away.”

In a recent column for Mortgage Strategy, Precise managing director Alan Cleary explained why he is firmly in the Remain camp: “The UK is simply too small to compete with other countries. Whether in defence or economics, we would be up against 1.5 billion Chinese people, 1.5 billion Indian people, 350 million Americans and 700 million Europeans if we decided to exit. In nature, there is generally safety in numbers.”

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