Brightstar promotes mental health awareness through charity partnerships

Brightstar Financial has partnered with Anxiety UK and Mind as it begins an initiative to fundraise and raise awareness of mental health issues in the finance sector.

The specialist distributor has appointed Anxiety UK as its national charity for the year and Mind as its local charity and has set out a plan of action in which staff will work together to encourage openness and a ‘no stigma’ approach to mental health.

Objectives include supporting team members in recognising health problems in themselves and others, arranging support and providing a wellbeing room in the Brightstar building.

It also intends to establish a charity committee within Brightstar and to host fundraising events to engage the industry.

Brightstar director of people development, Clare Jupp, says: “We have taken the decision to support Mind (Basildon) and Anxiety UK as our local and national charities for the year 2017  because we know that one in four people has a mental disorder at some point in their life and we need to face up to this fact as a business and as an industry as whole, especially as the financial services sector is renowned for having high levels of mental health sufferers within its membership.

“We feel that  it is time for us to unshroud the ‘unmentionable’ that is mental health and bring it to the forefront rather than push it to the back. Quite simply, mental health issues create separations within society which compound the feelings of those who suffer as being different and feeling helpless and lonely. Without appropriate help, mental health issues can destroy people’s lives.”