Bank of England moots tighter environmental regulation for homeowners

A report on climate change issued by the Bank of England’s Prudential Regulation Authority has hinted that tighter environmental regulations may be on the way for landlords and owner occupiers.

As covered by Lucy Barrett in Mortgage Strategy, from 1 April new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards came into force, stating that landlords can only rent properties in England and Wales that achieve a minimum Energy Performance Certificate rating of E.

By 1 April 2023, this will be extended to all existing leases, “with significant penalties for non-compliance,” according to the PRA.

The PRA’s latest report, “The impact of climate change on the UK banking sector,” goes on to reiterate October 2017’s Clean Growth Strategy’s aim of opening a consultation focused on bringing the minimum EPC standard for as many privately rented homes as possible to a C rating by 2030, and properties of all tenure types by 2035.

However, the authority hints of more to come, stating that “it is also conceivable that energy efficiency standards could be extended to owner occupiers,” before adding that the Scottish government has implied that it is considering introducing a minimum C standard for owner occupiers “in the 2030s.”

The report adds that 72 per cent of homes in the UK currently rate lower than a C.



European banks trial new green mortgages

Europe is leading the way with a trial of green mortgages, which could bring savings for those with the most energy efficient homes. Bloomberg reports that 39 European banks will be testing the new green mortgages for borrowers whose homes meet a set of energy efficiency standards. The standards themselves have been agreed by the […]

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Barclays unveils green mortgage

  Barclays will next week launch a green home mortgage that gives a rate discount for energy efficient properties. The product is the first in the UK to give cheaper rates to those buying homes with an A or B EPC energy efficiency rating. The product will give discounted rates on two- and five-year fixed rates […]


Bank of England holds base rate at 0.75%

The nine members of the Monetary Policy Committee have voted unanimously to maintain the base rate at 0.75 per cent. The meeting minutes reveal that the committee believes that, “there have been indications, most prominently in financial markets, of greater uncertainty about future developments in the [EU] withdrawal process,” before adding that, “any future increases […]

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Challenges and opportunities

By Sarah Scott, marketing consultant On 22 February this year the charity Diabetes UK launched a fundraising initiative, #Swim22. They challenged individuals to swim 22 miles over the course of 89 days – a distance that equates to the width of the English Channel. Because of the time period the challenge is spread over, it […]


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