Ying Tan

Buy-to-let watch: Adapting to an ageing population

There are always a variety of trends to follow in the housing market. In recent years we have seen large-scale house price fluctuations, regional housing bubbles, ageing first-time buyers, a buy-to-let boom and landlords reassessing the merits of their product portfolio. We have even seen a flurry of property raffles take place as sellers struggled […]

Buy-To-Let Watch: Look north for rent opportunities

The private rental sector had a mixed 2018 – London remains out of reach for many – but the big Northern cities still offer room for growth The performance of the private rental sector in 2018 was certainly varied, especially when viewed from a regional perspective. Landbay’s National Rent Review suggested Edinburgh and Nottingham saw […]

Buy-to-let watch: Security in unstable times

How would you describe the current political climate in the UK? Chaos is the word that springs to mind for me. Not in living memory have we seen such disarray in Westminster and none of us can claim to know what will happen next. It’s an unsettling time and certainly makes us all value the […]

Buy-to-Let Watch: The lessons of ‘Vent Your Rent’

With thousands of tenants sharing tales of shoddy treatment, it is time for the sector to become more professional to combat such problems It seems the past few weeks have seen a higher focus than ever put on the rental sector and whether it is fit for purpose. Twitter feeds have been filled with the […]

Buy-to-let Watch: There are two sides to every story

Black and white news coverage often fails to deliver useful information We know that news is often reported differently depending on which publication is covering it. One need only look to political reporting to see that. However, sometimes it astounds me that two almost polar opposite stories can run at the same time. It is […]

Buy-to-let Watch: Is consultation too much to ask?

The lettings industry has been the focus of intense scrutiny of late. This can be taken one of two ways. On the one hand, it is evidence that the government is recognising the importance of the rental sector. Indeed, in the Housing White Paper, published last year, it was clear that renting was being given […]

Buy-to-let Watch: Accidental landlords need your help

Research published by Foundation Home Loans has revealed that a staggering one in five buy-to-let mortgage borrowers are now ‘accidental landlords’; a constituency of property owners whose participation in the rental market is driven by necessity and circumstance as opposed to design. The research seems to displace widely accepted notions of a sector dominated by […]

Buy-to-let Watch: We need to keep it covered

With a quarter of landlords taking out the wrong type of insurance, brokers and advisers must ensure that they provide the correct advice I read something recently that both amazed and dismayed me in equal measure. A study by Simple Landlords Insurance revealed that a quarter of residential landlords in the UK don’t have the […]


Buy-to-let Watch: Rooting for the underdog

Regardless of the industry or the event, there is something within us all that makes us root for the underdog and celebrate when they achieve success. For football fans, the recent Champions League quarter final between Roma and Barcelona is a case in point. Barça, easily one of the best clubs in the world, had […]