Samuel Dale

Cover story: Is locking in for longer the future for fixes?

Ten-year fixes are gaining popularity amid Brexit uncertainty. But experts think the shape of the market is unlikely to change significantly without greater competition and innovation, plus help from the regulator Mortgage brokers are reporting more client interest in fixed-rate deals beyond five years as rates on 10-year fixes fall below 2.5 per cent. With […]

Cover feature: Talking up a storm

Brokers say lender appetite remains robust despite Brexit uncertainty. But is this due only to the BoE’s monetary stimuli, and just how bad are things likely to get?  The UK mortgage market is still reeling from the Brexit vote, according to experts, with uncertainty reigning over funding patterns, lending levels and mortgages rates. The bombshell decision […]

Cover feature: Rules of disengagement

How is Brexit likely to affect UK mortgage regulation? Experts say the predicted complexity of withdrawal negotiations means the industry could be in limbo for years The mortgage market could face a regulatory shake-up when the UK leaves the EU, and experts predict this could take many years. The most significant EU ruling that affects […]

What will the new Government mean for the housing market?

Housing is one of the biggest challenges facing the new prime minister. So will Theresa May continue with existing schemes or adopt a brand-new approach to affordability issues and the chronic property shortage? When launching her Conservative Party leadership campaign at the end of June, home secretary Theresa May referred to the UK’s longstanding emphasis […]


Brexit fears rock new-build sector

The referendum result has seen a number of buyers pulling out of deals, but brokers say Help to Buy could be extended to stem market fears The new-build property sector has been rocked by the Brexit vote. Uncertainty surrounds the future of Help to Buy, share prices for housebuilders have plummeted, and key lenders have […]


How can the industry tackle its future talent shortage?

As high lending figures put a strain on broker numbers and the average age continues to rise, what is the industry doing to attract new recruits? The huge growth in mortgage lending has led to a shortage of brokers and the industry is pondering how to encourage fresh blood into the sector. Experts suggest that […]

How brokers can help in the £1bn fight against fraud

As technology continues to evolve, so too does mortgage fraud. Brokers can lead the fightback by staying alert and using the same new technology to check their clients’ profiles Lenders identified fraudulent mortgage applications totalling nearly £1bn last year – but this could be just the tip of the iceberg, according to data compiled by […]

Labour force: Unpicking Corbyn’s housing policy

As Labour’s new housing policy begins to take shape under hard-left leader Jeremy Corbyn, how much influence could it have on the Government’s own plans? Jeremy Corbyn’s election last September to become leader of the Labour Party shocked UK politics to its core. The hard-left MP had been a backbencher and serial rebel for 30 […]


Proc, stock & barrel: Is it time for an overhaul of commission?

Lenders’ payment of proc fees is notoriously inconsistent. With brokers aggrieved that their post-MMR workload is going unrewarded, is it time for an overhaul of the proc fee system? The path of lenders’ procuration fees during the past decade tells the story of the mortgage broker industry. From the boom to the bust to the […]

On fire: As bridging lending reaches £4bn, how much further can it grow?

Bridging is more than a gap-filler these days. With annual regulated completions estimated at £4bn and greater awareness among consumers, it has become a buoyant lending sector in its own right The bridging market is booming. The Association of Short Term Lenders says its members are writing £2.5bn-worth of loans a year and the true […]

Secure future: The Loans Engine sees significant growth in second charge market

Known for its longevity, secured loans specialist The Loans Engine anticipates significant growth in the sector as MCD regulation arrives on the scene If anyone thought the first charge mortgage market had it bad during the recession, they should take a look at secured loans. Like many parts of the mortgage market, it had enjoyed […]