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Cover feature: Why are so many borrowers on SVRs despite record low rates?

As millions of borrowers languish on an SVR despite rates being at all-time lows, what more can the industry do to persuade them to remortgage and avoid an unnecessary ‘inertia tax’? The prolonged recovery by the remortgage market must be one of the lengthiest in the history of financial services. Long after the purchase market […]

Will non-bank lenders shake up mainstream mortgages?

As insurers and investment firms eye the mainstream mortgage market, can non-typical funding streams really challenge the UK’s big lenders? It can be argued that the UK mortgage market has gone from boom to bust over the past decade. Annual lending peaked in 2007 at more than £350bn, before plummeting to £133bn just three years […]


Can predicted second charge boom really happen?

The second charge market has not taken off as predicted. If another roll of the dice is to make any difference in 2017, experts think the key will be adviser education For years the second charge mar­ket has been disparaged by main­stream brokers and lenders. A lack of transparency and ques­tionable lending practices in the […]

Your views: Seven-day switching? Why does the Government never think of practicalities?

Last week the Government revealed it could introduce proposals that would allow borrowers to switch mortgage lender in just seven days. This is what our readers thought of the idea: Seven-day switching? Why does Govt never think of practicalities? The reality of checking documents and underwriting alone takes longer than seven days. I suppose the […]

Mortgage Mole

Mortgage Mole: God loves a tri-er

Intrepid Mole, digging up the stories behind the news God loves a tri-er Not content with doing a normal triathlon, four bosses at My Home Move have decided to kick things up a notch. Head of regional conveyancing Martyn Allen, head of legal practice Rob Gurney, customer journey and marketing director Mark Montgomery and group […]

Trash Talk: ‘Digital transformation’

Mortgage Monkey reveals the gibberish littering the industry’s press communications BUSINESS SPEAK OF THE WEEK: ‘DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION’ Culprit: Tech Mahindra, which has just bought Target Group for £112m Monkey didn’t have to do any work to get this little gem because it landed in his inbox last week. The technology sector is full of buzzwords […]