Phil Whitehouse

Comment: Open banking’s cyber challenge

In the wake of the TSB debacle, emphasis must be on customer security. Open banking has placed a renewed emphasis on the need for institutions to engage with technology, and a sequence of unfortunate and widely publicised missteps within the sector over the past few months have served to underline this. In April, for example, […]

Comment: Don’t write off open banking yet

Efforts to shake up the way customer data is used have huge potential to reshape the financial services industry, despite a low-key beginning It has been described as one of the biggest financial services shake-ups in the modern era, a catalyst for change in the relationship between consumers and service providers; a boon to major […]

Subprime could become a success story, writes Whitehouse

If you believe the rumours, subprime is back. A number of lenders are now catering for borrowers with impaired credit history. Indeed, lenders like Bluestone and Pepper have made it clear that they are ready and willing to offer loans to those who have experienced financial problems or difficulties in the past. So is this […]

SVRs are a question of judgement: MCI Mortgage Club’s Whitehouse

The issue of ‘borrower inertia’ requires a bespoke approach,  respecting customer choice while helping those who need it If you are happy with your mobile phone contract and do not struggle to repay it but the provider knows that your deal is not the cheapest available, is it obliged to tell you? The answer, surely, […]

My Opinion: Brokers must act in clients’ interests

We live in cautious times so it makes sense for the industry to police itself When you are out and about in this industry as much as I am, you cannot help but be privy to the issues affecting the broker community. I regularly hear of concerns brokers are having long before they become full […]


My opinion: Lenders with no proc fees face reputation harm

Any lender that still refuses to pay retention proc fees should bear in mind the potential impact on its reputation Is anyone else amazed by the fact we are still debating retention procuration fees in the year 2017? This is an issue that should have been settled long ago. Brokers must undertake the same amount […]

In My Opinion: Nobody knows best on this one…

Brexit uncertainty makes the role of brokers more critical but also more difficult – so where does compliance fit in?  Brokers have a difficult job at present: not since the credit crunch has there been so much uncertainty among buyers. The chief cause is, of course, Brexit. Clients have no idea where the market is […]

In my opinion: Are you stuck in your ways?

The world is getting more competitive and complicated, so it is essential to sharpen your skills to stay ahead of the game For many years brokers have expressed concern about comparison websites and their appeal to consumers. While it is obvious an aggregator cannot offer the bespoke advice provided by a broker, they have the […]


Don’t let busy times distract you

It is important to ensure that, even in the good times, your business is manageable and your strategy effective Depending on how long you have been in the industry, the chances are that you are used to dealing with highs and lows. Anyone who operated in the mortgage sector in the run-up to, and during, […]


Inexperience can lead to insurance misselling claims

Intermediaries not well versed in insurance should refer the case to a specialist and avoid the risk of misselling claims Imagine you visit your doctor for a medical procedure. You’re naturally nervous but you put your faith in the expertise of your physician, only for him to turn around and tell you he’s not really […]