Peter Izard

Comment: A quick look at cross-collateralisation

A cash deposit is not necessary in some circumstances One sure way to divide a room full of mortgage professionals is to raise the issue of 100 per cent loan-to-value mortgages. Much has been made in the press recently about the ‘return’ of such mortgages and whether it should be seen as a positive step […]

Five things you should know… about mortgages for celebrities

By Peter Izard, business development manager, Investec 1. Celebrities often avoid tying up wealth in property High net worth clients come in many guises, whether they be property developers, bankers, professional sports people or actors. You might think the latter would have little need for a mortgage. Yet, just like other high net worth clients, […]

Comment: The high net worth waiver can facilitate low-risk borrowing

When it comes to assessing affordability, there are a few distinct differences between the needs of mainstream and high net worth borrowers. The latter typically possess considerable assets,  but may have varying incomes and as such they do not always fit within the mainstream affordability mould. This is why when the Mortgage Market Review was […]

Comment: Keep housing figures in context

Annual house price growth of only 2 per cent, as forecast for 2017, seems good when that is also the inflation target Recent data from Nationwide has confirmed what many suspected: house prices are continuing to fall, with the annual growth rate slowing to just 2.1 per cent – the lowest for four years. Having […]

UK has a clockwork property cycle, says Izard

Prime Minister Theresa May’s snap general election may be a clever political move to strengthen her position in Brexit negotiations. But could her concern about striking a good deal with Europe be to the detriment of those also wanting to get a good deal when buying a house here in the UK?

The London housing market is a safe haven, says Izard

The London housing market has always been regarded as a safe haven by investors and it will continue to be so We live in interesting times. After the Brexit vote and Trump election last year, there could be further shocks ahead with national elections across Europe in the coming months. The populist, anti-establishment mood seems to be […]

Look to niche sectors for growth opportunities, says Izard

Even when times are tough, opportunities can usually be found for intermediaries who want to grow their businesses I have good news and bad news for you. The good news is that 2017 is likely to be the year in which gross mortgage advances almost double from their 2010 low point of £134bn to £261bn, […]

Comment: Trump could be good for the UK housing market

If Trump delivers on his promises, an economically strong US could be good news for the UK and consumer confidence It would be foolish to think the UK housing market responds only to changes in the economy. It is very dependent on consumer confidence – and nothing affects confidence more than world events. So, what […]