Peter Gwilliam

Careers Insight: Having a cultural fit is essential

It is not enough to tick all the boxes on the job description – your ethos must match, too As a prospective new employee, you will have to adapt to the culture of a new employer, rather than the culture adapting to you. It is, therefore, critical that you look beyond a job brief to […]

Careers Insight: Pay attention to the headhunter

Forging an alliance with a headhunter could reap dividends in the long term All sectors feature appointments made following a headhunter searching and shortlisting on behalf of their client. When roles are considered high value, focusing on specific targets is an attractive option, and clients value a headhunter’s thoughts on an individual’s prominence in that […]

Careers insight: The lost art of keeping a secret

The phrase ‘it’s just business’ doesn’t cut it if your previous company has a restrictive covenant. Ignoring such a clause to help a rival or to even go into competition against your old employer could leave you with hefty legal costs, so find out where you stand. Restrictive covenants is a term we are all […]

Careers Insight: When ‘private’ is for all to see

The rise of social media has added an interesting dimension to the recruitment process as individuals happily place detailed personal information online. These days our personalities exist both in the online and offline worlds. Social media provides an impression of you: what is important to you and how you interact with others. With this in […]

Careers Insight: Are agency fees good value?

Recruitment fees should be seen as an investment, not a ‘necessary evil’. The cost to an employer of a role remaining vacant can be greater than the cost of using an agency

Careers Insight: Spell out what you’re looking for

The important factor in aligning a candidate to the culture and ethos of your firm is providing clarity on the objectives of the role There are certain circumstances that force you to hire when you had not intended to, such as when a member of staff hands in their notice. But there is an inherent […]

Careers Insight: Alternative facts in a post-truth world

The competitive forces among firms trying to find the right person for their sales distribution model are driving higher reward packages. Potential candidates will often hear the likes of ‘The business is very ambitious; it is prepared to pay above the industry rate’ or ‘The bonuses are really exciting.’ Of course, being approached like this […]

Careers Insight: Make a case
and raise your profile

Presenting a business case to justify resources or expenditure is a chance to show your ability to communicate and influence There are lots of occasions when one needs to make the case for something and, whether it is a significant project or not, presenting a business case to justify resources or expenditure is a chance […]

Careers Insight: It’s all in the presentation

Presentations often form part of a firm’s recruitment process, so how can candidates bring the material to life?  We are all too familiar with presentations in this industry, whether to external audiences or colleagues within a firm. But presentations can also be used as a selection tool in a recruitment process, with criteria being evaluated […]