Paul Hunt

Careers Insight: Collaboration is key to success

Only by building strong relationships and avoiding the temptation to work in isolation will marketing and sales teams drive their business forward Some people are just meant to work alone and remain very insular in their outlook. This has never been something suited to me. Throughout my career, I have always sought to collaborate with […]

Comment: Are we heading towards our own ‘commisery’ moment?

Direct product transfers demonstrate how easy it can be to cut the broker out of the picture. This cannot be ignored Estate agents should have seen it coming: charging their customers thousands of pounds for one transaction, even when a buyer was found immediately, and then either proving to be hard to contact during the […]

Careers Insight: Learning lessons from big firms

Whether you’re working in a large organisation, micro business or setting up on your own, plans need to be put in place to achieve your objectives and meet your goals In the time since leaving school to September last year, I only knew about being an employee. As 40 per cent of all workers in […]