Pad Bamford

Comment: A rest is often as good as a change

Action still needed to resolve mortgage prisoner problem, however Given its inter-connectedness, we should sometimes be careful what we wish for in this market. For instance, those who were calling for landlords to be regulated and taxed more a few years ago might now find their rents increasing due to a lack of private rental […]

Comment: Deliver certainty in uncertain times

Home-ownership decisions put on hold amidst ongoing uncertainty. Understanding what might happen in the lead-up to Brexit in March is hard enough, but having any insight into what the post-Brexit world will look like is another thing entirely. How is this uncertainty impacting your clients, particularly those of a first-time buyer persuasion? How might they […]

Opinion: Private rentals are being ignored

Home ownership has increased but at what cost to the overall market? If we were ever in doubt about how government policy and intervention can fundamentally change markets, we must only look at the impact of the state on the UK’s first-time buyer and buy-to-let sectors. The most recent figures from UK Finance show first-time […]

Opinion: Market too reliant on Bank of Mum and Dad

Looking at the latest house price figures from Nationwide for July, it’s clear there is an air of stability but with the added caveat that no-one quite seems to know what might happen, particularly in the medium-term. Certainly, supply shortages are ‘providing support’ to UK house prices but there is a concern about dropping housing […]

Fill the information void for FTBs, writes Bamford

First-time buyers are wondering who to believe about their chances of getting on the ladder. That’s where you come in… To the outsider (that is, the consumer), the property market is issuing mixed messages. In fact these are simply differences of opinion. Take, for instance, Professor Paul Cheshire at the London School of Economics, who […]

What a base rate rise would mean for mortgages: Bamford

Some MPC members think it’s time to lift BBR back to 0.5 per cent, and we all know which borrowers would be hardest hit They say even the longest journey starts with a single step and, given the news from the Monetary Policy Committee this month, one can’t help but feel we are embarking on […]