Maria Merricks

Features Editor


Analysis: People are doing more for longer

What do Pierre Cardin and Jean Miller have in common? French fashion designer Cardin, aged 93, is the last survivor of Parisian haute couture and still controls a global business empire; Miller, aged 92, is a cloakroom attendant at the Vidal Sassoon hair salon in Glasgow, having been there for 17 years. Both are still […]

Jackie Uhi Barclays scroller

Analysis: Millions of reasons to push remortgages

There has been a notable uptick in remortgage activity. June data from the Council of Mortgage Lenders shows a sharp rise in monthly and year-on-year figures for both volume and value. Drilling down into the details, 31,600 households were said to have switched their mortgage deals in June compared to 24,300 in May. This was […]


Analysis: Help clients to keep affording insurance

It looks very likely that our customers will have to foot the bill for the almost 59 per cent increase in insurance premium tax announced in the summer Budget. Will this affect the amount of insurance people buy? The AA predicts an average £5 rise in home insurance. That could be enough for some consumers […]


Analysis: P2P lenders are not blocked by hedges

The proposed changes to EU rules on hedging instruments could mean fixed-rate mortgages cease from small lenders. The reason is that most lenders have to hedge interest rate exposure to ensure they can fix funding costs to match the fixed-rate income of the mortgage. The proposed changes will make it hard and expensive for smaller […]