Lucy Brown

Insurance Watch: Offering the best of both worlds

Combining income protection and critical illness cover gives clients fresh options There is ongoing debate over which type of illness product should be given the most prominent position in an advised protection conversation. Some sit firmly in the income protection camp, of the opinion that customers should always be advised to take this above everything […]

Insurance Watch: Adding up the product benefits

Customers are seeing a wealth of attractive offers and financial incentives with their products as providers look to give protection. Given the ongoing need to encourage our customers to be protected, it’s great to see providers taking steps to make their products, processes and overall proposition more attractive. Staying in the race with CIC Following […]

Insurance Watch: Innovation leads the way in 2018

Insurance companies ring in the changes with instant decisions and amendments to income protection and children’s cover standing out. The insurance industry is often criticised for not being innovative enough in convincing families that life, critical illness and income protection products should play an essential part in their financial planning. Let’s take a look at […]

Insurance Review: Why annual statements are crucial

Providers issuing annual statements has no end of benefits for customers and it is difficult to think of a downside It was great to hear AIG announce earlier this month that it is going to issue new protection customers with annual statements. This means that customers, and advisers alike, will start to receive statements from […]

Insurance Review: Help families avoid a death trap

Changes to state financial bereavement support make it more vital than ever for families to consider extra protection Advisers will soon have to get to grips with changes to the state system of financial bereavement support, which will leave some clients far worse off if their spouse or civil partner dies. The changes come in […]