James Chidgey

Housing Watch: A summer of mixed fortunes

England may not have won the World Cup this year, but the UK has surely won the ‘Best Summer for Years’ award, as the country continues to bask in almost wall to wall sunshine, taking those of an older generation back to 1976, when we last had such prolonged hot and dry weather. For buyers […]

Housing Watch: A scheme worth holding on to

As Help to Buy enjoys record applications in Q1 2018, the government would do well to capitalise on the strength of the brand Residential development is subject to the vagaries of the weather and, while warmer temperatures thankfully now dominate, the new-build sector had a seasonal scare when the Beast from the East took hold […]

Housing Watch: Building must not stop

Despite political upheaval, new-build continues to attract buyers with options and incentives not available elsewhere The general election on 8 June divided the popular vote more starkly than any election since 1974. Back then, first Harold Wilson and then James Callaghan led a Labour government with no overall majority; and, in the midst of industrial […]

Housing Watch: Fear is not an option

Developers should be putting plans in place this year to deal with the end of the Help to Buy scheme in 2021 As the new-build sector runs into the summer season, gracefully hurdling over a surprise general election as it does so, it continues to demonstrate resolute progress. However, we still have several challenges ahead […]